Serious Case Reviews Published by Cambs LSCB

Serious Case Reviews Published by Cambs LSCB

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Learning From Case Reviews

Child H

This SCR is about a 2 year old girl who was murdered by her mother’s teenage boyfriend in November 2013. The boyfriend is currently serving a life sentence.

The conclusion of this SCR is that there is no evidence that the child‘s death could have been either predicted or prevented by the professionals who came into contact with her and her family. There was nothing in the mother’s boyfriend’s past that indicated that he would perpetrate the level of violence that resulted in her death.

The SCR identifies some areas where practice could be improved but these did not contribute to the child’s death.

Child H Report

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Child J

This SCR is about a 4 year old girl who experienced a serious sexual assault in August 2013. Her stepfather is currently serving a 17 year prison sentence for the assault. The completion of this SCR was delayed because of the criminal trial.

The conclusion of this SCR is that the serious assault could not have been predicted, although with hindsight, it is likely that the girl did experience another incident of deliberate harm in the weeks leading up to the assault.

Child J Report

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Child K

This SCR is about a two year old boy with severe disabilities who died from an overwhelming infection in the context of longer term failure to thrive and lack of nourishment. He had been made subject to a child protection plan shortly before his death. His primary carer at the time of his death received a caution for cruelty.

The SCR found that whilst the infection was not preventable the underlying malnutrition and dehydration might have been. The child lived in a home where a vulnerable young mother was having to meet the complex, unremitting and highly demanding needs of a very disabled child. In the context of ensuring the medical and care needs of the child were being met the professionals involved did not always retain an effective focus on the risk he was facing.

Alongside the identification of some good practice, the SCR makes a number of recommendations to support increased consistency and clarity in the management of risk to children with severe disabilities.

Child K Report

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Learning from Case Reviews

During 2012 - 2013 the LSCB Serious Case Review Sub-Group completed and created a briefing paper with findings of the three case reviews.

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