The Integrated front Door



The MASH and Early Help Hub (EHH) together make up the Integrated Front Door (IFD). The IFD is the single point of contact for all safeguarding and wellbeing concerns regarding children and young people in Cambridgeshire. It does this by:

  • Acting as a “front door” to manage all safeguarding referrals including the undertaking of Child Protection investigations where required
  • Acting as a “front door” to Early Help advice and support

The MASH and Early Help Hub are designed to meet the two key principles of effective safeguarding as defined by Working Together 2015.  

  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility: for services to be effective each professional and organisation should play their full part; and
  • A child-centred approach: for services to be effective they should be based on a clear understanding of the needs and views of children.

Both MASH and EHH also operate within a Think Family approach, and within the Thrive framework, supporting and considering the needs of the whole family and working to co-ordinate services in response.