Role of the MASH

The Role of the MASH is to process and manage all children’s safeguarding referrals for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. They are responsible for:

  • Activating ‘First Response/Child Protection’ social work services to provide immediate protection for a child
  • Researching information held on professional databases 
  • Providing a secure and confidential environment for professionals to share information
  • Identifying low-level repeat referrals which taken in isolation may not appear concerning
  • Prioritising referrals using a BRAG (Blue/Red/Amber/Green) rating
  • Referring cases to other agencies

MASH brings together professionals, called “navigators”, from services that have contact with children, young people and families, and makes the best possible use of their combined knowledge to keep children safe from harm.

Who is in the MASH

Who is in the MASH – The MASH is a multi-agency environment with full time involvement from Children’s Social Care, Police, Health, Education, Youth Offending , Early Help, Domestic Abuse Services, Probation, Fire service and Housing (coming soon). All core partner have signed the Information Sharing Agreement which enables detailed information sharing as necessary.