Available Resources (Parental substance misuse)

Alcohol in pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very confusing time with different messages about the best way to keep you and your baby safe.

With regard to drinking alcohol, extensive research suggests that it is better to avoid alcohol at all stages of pregnancy.

This leaflet will provide you with all the information you need to know to give your baby the best possible start. Click here to view/download.

Cambridgeshire Drugs & Alcohol Team Practice Guidance for Agencies

Parental drug/alcohol use can cause concern about the welfare of children and is clearly a risk factor as evidenced by serious case reviews and research. However it is recognised that the use of drugs/alcohol does not preclude the possibility of good parenting.

The aim of this practice guidance is to assist staff  in all agencies to identify situations where action is needed to safeguard a child and promote their welfare as a result of their parents' drug and/or alcohol use.

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Silent Voices

This is a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of the needs and experiences of children and young people where there is a parental alcohol misuse (PAM).

The review is primarily led by what we know from children's direct input  to research and policy development. The report focused on publications covering England but also draws work from elsewhere where it adds to the knowledge and is particularly pertinent to this review. whilst the emphasis is very much on parental alcohol misuse, some information from wider field of substance misuse was also included.

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