Parental Alcohol & Drug Misuse

Alcohol & Drug misuse, also known as Substance misuse, refers to the problematic use of drugs (legal and illegal) and alcohol which can lead to social, psychological, physical and legal problems. Whilst they may have different treatment methodologies for the adults with these problems, they are considered together because the consequences for the child are similar. one of the main difficulties in assessing the harm to children of living with parental substance misuse is that, in the majority of cases, substance misuse is associated with a range of other factors: such as, poverty and deprivation, poor physical and mental health, poor housing, domestic abuse, debt, offending and unemployment.

The Cambridgeshire LSCB recognises that not every case of children with drug and alcohol misusing parents/carers (parental substance misuse) needs the same response – varying degrees and types of support are needed from different organisations depending on the circumstances of the individual child(ren), parents and carers and the extended family. Prevention is also important, offering children support will help to break the intergenerational cycle of substance dependence and help children to overcome other vulnerabilities.

Please click here to view/download the current guidance for professionals working with parental alcohol and drug misuse.