Terms and Conditions for LSCB Learners

Training Delegates Terms & Conditions

Please Read all the terms & conditions before book any training/ learning event. As part of attending an LSCB Training Course you are agreeing to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:-

Pre-Course Preparation
  • You need to be prepared to actively participate within the workshops and discussions in order to give you the best training and learning experience possible
  • Please be aware that the training arena is not confidential and that any issues raised regarding child protection or behaviours which could be considered to be inappropriate and/or concerning may be reported back to the LSCB and the relevant line manager
Course Application
  • All applications for courses must be completed via booking bug
  • One application form (via booking bug) needs to be completed per applicant per course (please note that as part of our administration procedures and to avoid confusion, the information contained on the form, including the email address, must be that of the applicant)
  • All applications need to be authorised by a line manager – where there is no line manager this needs to be reflected on the application form (i.e. for some voluntary services)
Course Fees
  • Partner agencies who contribute to the LSCB either in terms of finance or in ‘kind’ attend the training for FREE 
  • National Voluntary agencies will be charged the full amount of £150 per participant per full day and £75 per half day 
  • Cambridgeshire Local Voluntary Organisations and Groups (including sports and leisure and faith groups) attend the training for FREE 
  • Other agencies who do not contribute to the LSCB (e.g. Schools/ Academies/ Free Schools/ Colleges/ Social Enterprises / Private Residential Establishments) are charged £50 per participant per full day 
  • Profit making and Out of County organisations are charged £150 per day and £75 per half day 
  • General Practitioners will be charged £35 per half day and £70 per full day. 
  • Charges for LSCB Conferences will be advertised on Conference Flyers 
  • All Local Practice Groups are FREE TO ALL those professionals who work with children, young people and their families

Do please reserve the date in your diary

Attending the Course
  • Once you have submitted your application your place will be shown as ‘waiting’ on booking bug. This is because we do not allocate places on a first come first served basis as we have to ensure a multi-agency mix on each course in the interests of ‘Working Together 2015’ and lessons learned from serious case reviews.
  • If you have been allocated a place on the course you will be notified via email three weeks prior to the course
  • Where an LSCB course is oversubscribed the LSCB selects candidates according to the following selection criteria:-
  • Only fully completed application forms will be accepted
  • All accepted application forms must have Management approval (i.e. acknowledged on bed booking form or an email or covering letter from the line manager or the main budget holder for the organisation)
  • Short term relief staff and students will not be eligible unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • The mix of the group will be considered in order to represent and reflect multi – agency working across professions both within statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Should there be more than one representative from a team applying for a course, generally one person will be considered and asked to cascade the training back to their team (this would generally be a Manager if there is a Practitioner and a Manager applying depending upon the course)
  • The relevance of the training to the applicant’s post will be taken into account
  • Should an application be received from an organisation that does not subscribe to the Cambridgeshire LSCB either by funds or kind, their application will be considered only after ‘internal’ applications have been considered, and they will be charged the agreed fee for external customers. 
  • Do check your delegate confirmation details carefully
  • Please only attend a course if you have received confirmation from the LSCB Business Support Unit, if you do attend and are not on the course register you will be politely turned away.
  • Please inform the LSCB Office –email lscbtraining@cambridgeshire.gov.uk if you are unable to attend. 
Cancellation Policy
  • Failure to inform the LSCB Business Unit of a cancellation at least ten working days before the course date will result in a cancellation fee of £50 per course 
  • Where apologies for non-attendance are not received a cancellation fee of £100 per course will be made, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances must be agreed with the LSCB and these would normally be sickness, bereavement or court work 
  • Invoices for a cancellation fee will be sent to managers, where applicable 
  • If you are unable to attend please do not ask someone else to go in your place – as they will be asked politely to leave and you will be charged for non attendance
Certificate and Course Material
  • All participants will receive information relevant to the course in an email prior to the course – which should be printed off and read in advance. There may also be additional pre course reading depending upon the course 
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued for your full attendance of the course and will be dependant upon the completion and return of all course evaluation forms (including course and review evaluation). This process will take up to a month after completion of the course and evaluation forms 
  • All courses will contribute towards the Training and Learning required for Continuing Professional Development as well as registration at the Health and care Professions Council (HCPC). Courses may also count towards other agencies continued professional development
  • Some courses may have pre-course literature which will be sent via email in advance for you to print off and take with you to the Training event.  Please check you delegate confirmation details carefully.
Data Protection
  • All of the details on the applications forms on Booking Bug are kept on an LSCB database for future LSCB Training reference purposes and contact regarding evaluation of the LSCB training, certificates for attendance and any charges  
  • Please be aware that in some instances your names and attendance at LSCB training courses are shared with your single agency organisations for their monitoring and recording purposes  
  • Should you wish to receive any LSCB flyers regarding future LSCB training, conferences and local practice groups you must let the LSCB Business Support Unit know to add your details to our communication lists  
  • Records of those who; fail to attend LSCB courses, leave the courses early and who attend LSCB training courses without an application to and confirmation from the LSCB, are shared with partner agencies at the LSCB Workforce Development Group and if necessary the LSCB Business Committee