Single Agency Validation

LSCB Course Validation

Working Together 2015 states that; ’LSCB’s should monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training including multiagency training, for all professionals in the area. Training should cover how to identify and respond early to the needs of all vulnerable children, including: unborn children, babies; older children; young carers; disabled children; and those who are in secure settings’. 

There is an ‘expectation’, that all single agency training in relation to safeguarding children provided across the Cambridgeshire area should be ‘validated’ by the Cambridgeshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. The documents below, will support you and your agency to submit your children safeguarding training for validation to the LSCB.

The following documents will support you through the LSCB validation process.

Guidance for Single Agency Training Validation

Single Agency Validation Process (Six Steps)

Safeguarding Children Training Responsibilities for Single Agencies

Competencies Checklist

Submission Form