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Education Child Protection Services

The Education Child Protection Service (ECPS) contributes to protecting and safeguarding children and young people by training and supporting staff in schools and educational settings.

We provide services to education personnel across Cambridgeshire to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities under current legislation and government guidance relating to child protection.

We are able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to this complex and sensitive area of schools' work.

We provide training, support and advice to schools, raising awareness of child protection and safeguarding issues, enabling staff to keep up-to-date with current legislation and guidance. Schools can use our advice line to discuss concerns and obtain advice on appropriate actions to be taken. We also produce guidance on a range of topics, including model policies which schools can choose to adopt or adapt to their particular circumstances.

We strive to promote consistent good practice and a professional response to safeguarding in order to promote the welfare of children.

We provide a rolling programme of Basic Child Protection training for school staff, ensuring that staff undertake the required training every 3 years, in compliance with the Education Act 2002. In addition, we provide training materials for schools to train their own staff.

We also offer the initial two-day training for new Designated Personnel (DP) and the refresher training every two years, in line with the requirements of the Education Act 2002. We then support designated personnel in managing difficult cases. This may involve visiting the school to talk to staff, suggesting strategies and providing advice on the use of resources that could support children, young people and their families.

We maintain strong links with each of the three Area Social Care teams, 14 Locality teams, Health and Police, ensuring positive working relationships between schools and those agencies.

Training Programme for 2016- 2017 

Workforce Development Team – Children, Families and Adults

The team offer staff across Children, Families and Adults Service and partner organisations a wide range of learning and development opportunities, highlighted below are some of these.

Our full range of courses and booking details can be found on the Learn Together Cambridgeshire website.

Mental Health Training

Mental health training opportunities for Cambridgeshire Children’s Workforce

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) Learning and Development Team seek to offer a range of high quality learning opportunities to meet the varying mental health training needs of practitioners within the children and young people’s workforce.

Why? Research has identified a clear link between the well-being of children and young people and better learning and health outcomes. This is reflected in both national and local policy which clearly places responsibility for the mental health and emotional well-being with everybody who works with children and young people.

Who is it for? This multi-agency programme offers opportunities for practitioners working directly with children, young people and their families in Cambridgeshire to develop their knowledge and skills in understanding and responding to the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of children and young people.

What is offered? We offer a variety of training to meet differing levels of required mental health competence depending on the roles and responsibilities of children’s service practitioners these range from mental health awareness courses covering range of topics including depression, anxiety and self-harm, through to the 12 day ‘CAMH Foundation Module’.

Other examples of courses we offer include ‘Parental mental ill health: think child, think parent, think family’ which aims to bring together practitioners from adult and children services to consider this important subject, as a well as ‘Using mentalization in working with hard to reach youth’.

We also offer training aimed at specifically at teaching and education staff working in Cambridgeshire schools – ‘Raising achievement through wellbeing’. As part of the Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) programme we have developed online and blended learning packages aimed specifically at meeting the training needs of this group of staff. Similarly we are able to offer training aimed at emergency service practitioners – ‘Getting it right’.

All the training is developed and delivered by a range of specialists in this field, and courses are designed to bring together practitioners from across the children’s workforce in order to promote collaborative inter-professional learning and working.

Bespoke mental health training opportunities: Where people are unable to access the training programme or where it does not meet their mental health training needs we are very happy to discuss your particular needs and how these may be best met. We will always endeavour to respond to specific training requests and training needs where possible.

For more information, to obtain a training prospectus or to apply for this training please see their website or contact them at:

Early Years and Childcare Service

Safeguarding training is available through the Early Years Workforce Development Team for practitioners working in an early years setting, out of school club or in the foundation stage in a maintained school, childminders and committee members.

Please see their for further details or contact the team via or 01223 706349.

Adult Safeguarding Training

The Adult Safeguarding Training Team aims; to support individuals who work with vulnerable adults (paid or unpaid) to access the appropriate level of training in accordance with their roles and responsibilities to safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse.

Their courses reflect the multi-agency nature of vulnerable adult safeguarding work and are developed in line with the Cambridgeshire Adult Safeguarding Policy Guidance and Procedures and national standards.

Their courses are predominately attended by staff and volunteers from the statutory, private, voluntary and independent health, social care and education sector.  Separate courses are offered to unpaid carers and advice given to organisations on delivering sessions to users of their services.

In addition to delivering planned training sessions across the county, we also offer Bespoke training which we design to meet the specific needs of services.

Please see their website for further details.

Contact them:

Mental Capacity Act Training

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA), 2005 provides a statutory framework to empower people to make their own decisions and safeguard vulnerable people who are not able to so. It makes it clear who can make decisions whilst taking into account different circumstances and how the decision maker should go about this.

Within the MCA Code of Practice, term ‘children’ refers to people aged below 16. Term‘young people’ refers to people aged 16 and 17. This differs from the Children Act,1989 and the law more generally, where the term ‘child’ is used to refer to people aged under 18.

The MCA Training Team offers advice and training to different professionals in Cambridgeshire to support good practice as well as continual professional development that’s up to date with the case law. Our courses reflect complexities of consent, capacity and best interests as identified in the MCA C ode of Practice.

We offer a number of varied courses in MCA and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS), generic and bespoke, aimed at professionals and volunteers from statutory, private and voluntary services across health, social care and education sectors. In addition, we also provide training and advice work shops to unpaid carers and service users.

Please see their website for further details.

Contact them:

Mental Capacity Act Training Team
Box No: SH1211
Shire Hall

Cambridgeshire Community Services

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust staff can also access single agency Level 3 Safeguarding Children Training from the CCS Safeguarding Children Team.

Courses available include Level 3 Safeguarding Children, Level 3 Child Sexual Exploitation and Level 3 Neglect.

To view upcoming dates and courses CCS staff should go to the Safeguarding Children Pages of the CCS Intranet's-safeguarding or call the Safeguarding Children Team on 01480 418633

Workforce Development - Prevent Pathway


Prevent is part of the UK Counter Terrorism strategy aimed at supporting vulnerable people who are at risk of becoming radicalised before they take action to harm property, themselves or others.  

Local Authority Duty

As part of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015), there are:

Specific responsibilities on recognised authorities to have“due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”

The Local Authority is a recognised authority and in respect to training has the following duty:

Local authorities will be expected to ensure appropriate frontline staff, including those of it’s contractors, have a good understanding of Prevent, are trained to recognise vulnerability to being drawn into terrorism and are aware of available programmes to deal with the issue.  (Home Office, 2015)

This document outlines the training available for staff in response to meeting this duty. In particular, it outlines training for:

  • Social Workers
  • Other front line staff working directly with adults and children who may be at risk to radicalisation
  • Partners/contractors
  • Commissioned providers
  • Elected Members

Prevent Pathway 

All staff

  • Social Workers
  • Other front line staff working directly with adults and children who may be at risk to radicalisation
  • Partners/contractors
  • Commissioned providers
  • Elected Members

Overview information available on

Prevent – Channel Awareness training. This is an elearning package which should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Local picture and process – remote 1 hour CMeX workshop and information booklet.

There are two ways to access the elearning package:

  • For staff with a COunty COuncil email address:

set up an account at or log into your existing account

Once logged go to course families/essential training and scroll down to Equality and Diversity. You can think click on Prevent – Channel Awareness Training. Once you complete the training, please print your certificate for your own records.

  • For those without a County Council email address:

the course can also be accessed via the following link, again please print a certificate for your own records.