Parenting and Learning Disability

Target Audience:

This course is for all statutory and voluntary front line practitioners, who work with families where a parent or parents may have a learning disability. Professionals such as:-Police, General Practitioners (GP’s),Teachers, Localities Workers, Health Visitors, Midwives, Children Social Care staff and Adult Services (those working with the parents, Housing / Carers etc) are particularly welcome to attend. The session will touch upon how to engage with and support families to ensure their children are safeguarded and explore referral tools and good practice for working with parents with a learning disability. 

This half day workshop is primarily for those professionals (statutory and voluntary) who either work predominately or who have regular contact with children and young people and for those who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding and for those who hold positions as professional advisors. (i.e. Groups 2,3 and 4). 

Aims and Learning Objectives: 

For Practitioners to:- 

  • To understand what a Learning Disability is and how it might affect parenting ability
  • To gain information of the role of the Learning Disability Partnership with regards to parenting and Learning Disability
  • To explore ways of working with parents who have a Learning Disability in helping them to safeguarding their children
  • To be aware of good practice when working with parents with a Learning Disability 

Izzy Caller, Clinical Psychologist and Naomi Postlethwaite, Community Nurse