Managing Sex Offenders in the Community

Target Audience: 

This course explores who sex offenders are and how within our professional agencies we effectively manage them and their risk that they pose to children and young people. 

This one day course is for all those professionals (statutory and voluntary) who work predominately or who have regular contact with young people and for those who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding. (i.e. Groups 2,3 and 4). We would encourage social care staff, teachers, health professionals, localities and police to attend. 

Please be aware that the course will have explicit course content which some participants may find distressing 

Aims and Learning Outcomes: 

To show Participants:- 

  • How Cambridgeshire Police assess Adult Sex Offenders
  • The Cambridgeshire Police Referral System – MARU – Multi Agency Referral Unit
  • How Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders are monitored and managed within the community
  • How criminal justice agencies can ensure the safeguarding of children and young people through assessments and monitoring of Sex Offenders 
  • For practitioners to have an awareness of who sex offenders are and how to work together, both within their own agencies and with the criminal justice agencies, to manage the risk that they may pose to children and young people