Graded Care Profile Tool

Effectively identifying ‘Neglect’ is not easy. Often it is present in only one aspect of the care of an otherwise cared for child. Linked to poverty it can be present in affluent families. Why isthe neglect of children so important:

  • It is present in 70% of all child protection plans in Cambridgeshire
  • It is present as a theme in Serious Case Reviews
  • It leads to major organic damage including the severe shrinkage of a child’s brain
  • It reduces the capacity of the child to develop and grow
  • It leaves children open to sexual and physical abuse, vulnerable to longer term exploitation
  • In adulthood it is linked to criminal and anti-social behaviour, poor ability to manage successful relationships, domestic abuse and mental ill health

The Graded Care Profile equips professionals to work with families in identifying the presence and nature of neglect within a family

Target Audience:

This half a day course is primarily for those professionals (statutory and voluntary) who either work predominately or who have regular contact with children and young people and for those who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding. (i.e. Groups 2,3 and 4). The GCP is designed to be used by any professional in any agency working with a family where there is a concern about the care of the children (0 – 17 years). It is relevant to Health Professionals, Early Help, Education, Think Family and Children Social Care

Aims and Learning Outcomes:

Where neglect of child(ren) is identified as a factor within the family, to enable professionals to;

  • Use the new format Graded Care Profile (GCP) to assess the extent of neglect, and to monitor and evidence any improvement or deterioration.
  • Identify / evidence any child protection and safeguarding concerns
  • To use the GCP to prepare and plan interventions for working with children, young people and families to address concerns around neglect to support realistic and sustainable changes
  • Identify when progress is not being made and the possible reasons for this
  • Understand the evidence that the Graded Care Profile could provide within a referral

Frances Macklin, Children’s Centre Manager

Karen Hunt, Senior Family Worker