Equally Safe: diversity and cultural competence for practitioners

This one day course will enable participants to:

  • Reflect on their current working practices
  • Explore the effects of making assumptions when working with children and families 
  • Ask and listen to children and their families about their cultural/faith/community beliefs and practices (professional curiosity)
  • Respond appropriately in diverse safeguarding situations
Target Audience:

All professionals (statutory and voluntary) who work predominantly or who have regular contact with young people and who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding (i.e. Groups 2, 3 and 4). Front line professionals encouraged to attend this course would include: social workers, police, teachers, health visitors and housing staff.

Aims and learning outcomes:

By the end of the day participants will:

  • Understand their responsibilities in relation to equality legislation and safeguarding
  • Have a greater awareness of how their own values and backgrounds influence their judgements when working with families
  • Take account of how prejudice and discrimination impact on children and young people’s lives
  • Be better equipped to tackle prejudice and discrimination effectively
  • Have increased confidence to challenge cultural practices that give rise to concerns around safeguarding and/or discrimination
  • Be better able to recognise and appreciate the diversity of our local communities and be responsive to their various needs* 

  * from CCC Equality & Diversity Strategy (2016-2019)


Sally Giddins - LSCB Training and Workforce Development Manager

Bethan Rees – CREDS Manager