Children and Young People and Domestic Violence

Target Audience:

It is anticipated that participants will already have a general knowledge of what domestic abuse / violence is and of the processes for assessment and referral.  

This introductory course is aimed at practitioners who work with children, young people and the families who may be experiencing domestic violence. The day will provide an insight into the impact of domestic abuse on the family and offer some supportive safeguarding tools for assessing and working with domestic violence from a child/young person’s point of view. 

This is a one day course, for all those who work regularly with children and families, and/or adults who are parent/carers who have a greater degree of role accountability and responsibility for safeguarding children’s welfare (Groups 2,3 and 4).  

  • Raise awareness of the impact of Domestic Abuse on children and young people
  • To enable participants to develop the skills for working with children, young people and families experiencing Domestic Abuse
 Learning Outcomes:
  • To increase participants confidence in working with children and young people who are victims and perpetrators of Domestic Abuse
  • To enable participants to have the skills to:
  • Understand Domestic Abuse surrounding children and young people
  • To make appropriate referrals
  • To source relevant resources and support

LSCB Training Pool

Representatives from the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership