Safeguarding Children and Young People who have SEN/D

Target Audience: 

This is a one day basic introductory course which provides an overview of what disability and impairment is, how this impacts on the child and family and offers tools and insight into how to communicate and work with those families in order to safeguard and protect the child. 

The course is for all those professionals (statutory and voluntary) who work predominately or who have regular contact with children and young people; for those who hold particular responsibilities for safeguarding. (i.e. Groups 2,3 and 4). As part of the course participants will be required to undertake a pre course exercise and to complete a post course task within their agency. 

  • Provide a basic awareness of ‘What is a disability’ and ‘What is an impairment’ 
  • Introduce the Social Model of Disability 
  • Explore the increased vulnerability of disabled children and young people and how to safeguard them 
  • Examine the impact of disability upon families 
  • Increase awareness of the challenge of supporting communicative intent 
Learning Outcomes: 

For Participants at the end of the course to: 

  • Have an increased awareness and a better understanding of the vulnerability of disabled children and young people from potential abuse 
  • Put into practice the learning from the courses to decrease the vulnerabilities of disabled children and young people 

Carol McCarthy, Head Teacher, Castle School, Cambridge