About us

The Board

The Cambridgeshire  Local Safeguarding Children Board is made up of representatives from a range of public agencies with a common interest and with duties and responsibilities to children in their area. The statutory role and membership of LSCBs can be found in Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015).

It has responsibility for monitoring and evaluation the work of Cambridgeshire agencies in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area, and for co-ordinating safeguarding work.

The Board also has a role in ensuring that clear local procedures are in place to inform and assist anyone interested or as part of their professional role where they have concerns about a child.

Our Structure

The Local Safeguarding Children Board is chaired by Russell Wate and consists of senior representatives from all the key agencies concerned with the safeguarding of children, including Children’s Social Care, The Police, Primary Health Trust and Education.

Our Aims
  • The LSCB aims to challenge and support all agencies so that the effective safeguarding of children and young people is achieved by all agencies.
  • The LSCB aims to demonstrate how it and constituent partner agencies make a difference to children and young people in Cambridgeshire.
  • An LSCB that is passionate about safeguarding (and can deliver the vision and purpose).
  • An LSCB that recognises that the work force are the solution to safeguarding children

We have established a number of sub groups, who monitor and keep us up to date on all relevant safeguarding matters e.g. Serious Case Reviews, Child Death Overview panel; e-Safety;  Quality & Effectiveness Group. We also have a Training and Workforce Development sub group and current there are three task and finish groups who are implementing action plans regarding Child Sexual Exploitation, the Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children and Young People; and the Safeguarding of Disabled Children

Annual Report

The 2016/17 Cambridgeshire Local safeguarding Children Board Annual report outlines and evaluates the activity and contribution of the Board and its partners to ensure effective safeguarding of children and young people. The report also sets out future priorities of the Board.

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